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Cookie statement

We are required by law to ask your permission for the use of cookies and similar techniques, and to inform you about their use on the site.

For a number of the above points, recording visitor behavior is necessary. Third parties may also place these cookies via the website, as is the case with embedded videos from YouTube, for example.

We use cookies and similar techniques for the following purposes:

optimizing the website

the use, management and targeted display of advertisements

the integration of social media

collecting and analyzing statistics

Overview of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that a web browser stores on the computer when a website is visited. These cookies are often read out later, for example when the website is visited again. Cookies serve multiple functions, including remembering preferences, tracking visitor behavior (web analytics) and, for example, to display relevant advertisements on other websites.

Types of cookies we use
For functional purposes

For analytical purposes

For identification and authentication

For social media sharing



1. For functional purposes
We use this type of cookies to record and remember visitor preferences. This way, preferences do not have to be entered again and again to make the website easier to use.


2. For analytical purposes
We use these types of cookies to analyse the use of our websites in order to improve their functionality and effectiveness.


3. For identification and authentication
Among other things, we use this type of cookie to identify people after they have interacted with our website. The information we record during such an interaction is never shared with others.


4. For social media sharing
With our messages there are buttons to easily share the articles on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work through pieces of code (scripts) that come from these social networks themselves. These scripts sometimes also place cookies (we have no influence on this).


All cookies on this site
Below is an overview of the cookies we use on Please note that this information changes from time to time, for example because we adjust our website or because the rules regarding cookies change. We do our utmost to always keep this information as accurate as possible and therefore advise visitors to check the cookie policy page regularly. For example, if there are any changes, it can always be decided whether the visitor wants to change the cookie settings.


Through the browser settings, existing cookies can be deleted, all cookies can be allowed or blocked and preferences for certain websites can be set. More information can be found in the Help function of the browser.

Integral unsubscribe from certain cookie use
Some of our suppliers allow visitors to completely opt out of their cookie use (a so-called "opt-out"). This involves services such as web analytics and advertising platforms.