Are you also a fan of Maison Blanche Dael products? Take them home with you! This can be done in various Coffeelovers branches, but also in the Maison Blanche Dael stores.


That tastes like... fresh beans.

Since 1878 a concept in Limburg, the delicious beans of Blanche Dael used in Coffeelovers (the coffee house concept of Blanche Dael). Not only for coffee, but also for a delicious lunch, snack or cake. There is something for everybody! You can find them all over the city. From square 1992 to the Dominican Church - everywhere you can get this delicious coffee.

Generally, 10:00 - 18:00. Check your favorite branch for exact opening hours.



Maastricht’s gold.

It is not for nothing that Coffeelovers coffee is so popular: the delicious beans have been roasted in Maastricht since 1878. Also, for tea you've come to the right place: delicious teas are packed in Maastricht and are for many Mestreechtenere number 1. Blanche Dael cherishes her past, is proud of the city and region and wants to mean something to society today. The Maastricht coffee culture, Blanche Dael is a supporting player in this. Together with a piece of Limburg vlaai (flan), this is a concept in the Netherlands. For Blanche Dael, Maastricht coffee culture stands for conviviality, being conscious and open in life, cherishing quality and being of optimal service. That is Blanche Dael and that is the Maastricht coffee culture.


Coffee lovers love coffee and vice versa... The love for the black gold, but also for tea can be felt and tasted! The Coffeelovers-baristas grind a fresh amount of beans for each coffee, from Maison Blanche Dael.
Coffeelovers also love goodies... with their Italian-inspired menu full of focaccias and delicious dolce, such as different types of cheesecake, carrot cake, brownies and muffins. No time to sit back and enjoy? No problem! Everything is also available to go.

In 2016 Blanche Dael will receive the Maastricht Award for distinctive entrepreneurship in Maastricht and you don't just earn it! The baristas in the Coffeelovers branches do their best every day to give you the best "kappesjieno" and receive you with a smile. Relaxed enjoyment of delicious coffee, tea or lemonade is the best there is, right?

See you soon!


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Ruiterij 2, 6221 EW Maastricht, Nederland