If you want to contribute to a better world and "do green", you can also easily reach Fitz Roy by public transport! The bus stops almost in front of the door!

Fitz Roy

That tastes like...
a journey around the world of flavors!

This hotel/restaurant is located in the beautiful Sphinx Quarter. The entire concept is based on the famous world traveler Robert Fitzroy. Your dinner is a true voyage of discovery of flavors, impressions, smells and colors when you enter and experience Fitz Roy. Come and discover it!

Monday - Sunday: 08:30 - 21:00



Hip, trendy oasis in the thriving city district.

Where you are at the front of the authentic building in the middle of lively Maastricht, you find yourself in the courtyard garden of Fitz Roy in an oasis of green. Although you can hear the life of the city in the background, you can completely unwind in the Urban Garden; a unique city garden in the heart of the city. Fitz Roy is located in the hip, urban up-coming Sphinx Quarter. The environment fits the character of Fitz Roy very well: for the discoverer and enjoyer of the little things in life.


The contemporary, innovative and pure cuisine of restaurant FitzRoy, led by Raymond Hochstenbach, is characterized by applying French cooking techniques to both local and worldly ingredients and flavors.
Continuously searching for new surprising taste experiences with the most beautiful products, a seasonal menu is composed. Inspired by the world traveler Robert Fitz Roy, the chef takes you on a journey of taste experiences, which will certainly be appreciated by many taste buds. Both in the restaurant and in the backyard, you can enjoy one of the beautiful dishes from the adventurous, international cuisine. The menu is inspired by ingredients from cuisines all over the world and composed of refined, refined taste combinations.

Come and discover the oasis of green!


Breakfast, lunch, dinner







Phone 043-3030 700

Boschstraat 70, 6211 AX Maastricht, Nederland