When you're in the Jekerkwartier, stroll through the streets and taste the atmosphere. The small boutiques fill the streets with coziness and are worth sniffing around!

Petit Bonheur

That tastes like... Mediterranean France.

Behind the gate of this old city farmhouse you immediately realize why here is spoken of the "little happiness". Everything here seems and smells like France. The Mediterranean courtyard, the beautiful courtyard (with sliding roof, so you can enjoy it also in winter) provides a lot of atmosphere in the little happiness. For a moment you imagine yourself to be a God in France.

Monday - Saturday: 18:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 17:00 - 22:00



French happiness in the quarter latin Maastricht.

In the Kapoenstraat you will find this hidden gem. The old city farm is a small piece of luck. Also, with groups you can share this little piece of happiness with a group. In the bistro there is the French ambiance that provides an intimate atmosphere for a romantic dinner, sounds like a good plan, right?


The French atmosphere is enhanced by the delicious dishes and wines on the menu. For meat and fish lovers, there are delicious dishes such as scampi with belly bacon, haddock, duck leg confit or a delicious tournedos. But make no mistake: also, as a vegetarian you can indulge your culinary heart. Delicious arancini with beet and goat cheese, pappardelle with saffron cream or a sweet potato waffle with green asparagus, that sounds like a wonderful culinary evening out full of surprises, doesn't it?
Besides the fact that this little happiness is a gift for the stomach, it can also be a gift for your sleep! You can spend the night in the three-star hotel in the middle of the Jekerkwartier. In the authentic mansion you can relax and unwind.

Bienvenue au Petit Bonheur!


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Phone 043 321 51 09

Kapoenstraat 32, 6211 KW Maastricht, Nederland