Het fraaie pand van Rozemarijn is gelegen in het gezellige Stokstraat Kwartier met zijn galeries en trendy winkels. Zeker een kijkje waard!


That tastes like... Zeeland in Maastricht.

Restaurant Rozemarijn is run by chef and glasses fanatic Jeroen Raes and hostess Maaike Steins. Jeroen brings a salty piece of Zeeland to his kitchen in the heart of Maastricht, the city where the hospitable Maaike has been in the gastronomy and hotel business for years. Together they stand for hospitality, honesty and passion, within a no-nonsense restaurant where everyone is welcome. With a lot of attention for the product and excellent service, because the dots are always on the i's side here.

Tuesday - Saturday:
12:00 - 14:00 & 18:30 - 21:30



The French kitchen by another pair of glasses.

The kitchen brigade of Restaurant Rozemarijn wants to constantly surprise the guests with their passion and drive. The love for the profession makes that chef Jeroen always comes up with unique, refreshing taste combinations, with a wink to different cultures. Because for Jeroen there is nothing more beautiful than that.


Restaurant Rozemarijn brings a touch of Zeeland roots in the heart of Maastricht. Chef Jeroen likes to let you enjoy his unique, headstrong cooking skills. He likes to combine his Zeeland roots with local products and creates surprising taste combinations from Flemish, Oriental, Arabic and Italian cuisine with a creative swing. And he loves to present them at the table, simply to create an unforgettable moment with honest and daily fresh products. This is what Jeroen loves to do and you can taste it! The love and passion that Jeroen puts into his dishes splashes off the plate. Be surprised by 'the chef with the glasses' and taste the salty taste of the sea.

See you in the Havenstraat!


lunch, dinner


Regional, French





Phone 043 45 06 505

Havenstraat 19, 6211 GJ Maastricht, Nederland