If you are in the Stadspark, go and see what it's like there! The beautiful city wall and the animals that live there, it is also part of a fun day out!


That tastes like... Burgundian history

Tapijn is located at the city park of Maastricht, on the outskirts of the city center. It is a brasserie where hospitality prevails, a friendly rest and a place where young and old gather. The large, atmospheric hall in which Tapijn is located used to serve as a dining room for the men of the Tapijnkazerne. This burgundian interpretation of the building is now continued, so it is very special to be able to eat your dinner here.

Mondag- Sundag: 10:00-22:00



Go on a mission in Tapijn.

In the old refectory of the men of Tapijn they continued to propagate freedom after the opening in 2015. And from 2020 they will do so with an extra dimension, namely the Guest-Freedom. The Hospitality fighters are all ready to receive the guests.
The City Park of Maastricht lies at your feet. Ready to be received at this unique place?


The menus at Tapijn are changing. One half of the week you eat a different menu, so feel free to drop by twice a week. From Thursday to Sunday you can also enjoy a three-course menu. On the other days you can enjoy a "day mission" menu. The menu has something for everyone: salads, ramen soup, sandwiches and of course the vegetarians among us. There is also a children's menu adapted to the smallest freedom fighters. Great for an evening out with the whole family!

We'd love to see you in our barracks, Colonel!


breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting rooms


Burgundian, Mediterranean





Phone 043 311 75 88

Tapijnkazerne 20, 6211 ME Maastricht, Nederland