Also take a look upstairs, on the second floor. This one is very cozy and ideal for a romantic night out together!

Taverna la Vaca

That tastes like... Mediterranean tapas.

Taverna La Vaca, a cozy taverna in the Koestraat that borders the beautiful Square of Our Lady. Seeing the cozy terrace and interior you know for sure: here you should be for a tasteful Mediterranean evening.

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 22:00



Dishes from real folk cuisine served in the village cafe.

Maastricht now has its own 'Taverna'. A typical southern European restaurant where you can go for small tasty Mediterranean snacks, but also for larger dishes. With a wide range that varies weekly.
So, you will be surprised time and time again by our tasty Petiscos (small snacks) that are prepared by the chefs while you watch. Here you can enjoy dishes from Turkish, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.


"Eating, drinking and small snacks in between are rituals, a way of living together, receiving and celebrating friends and guests". This is what drives La Vaca and what they stand for. It is always a party to come to La Vaca!
When we talk about the dishes, we are talking about many different dishes from the folk kitchen. Together with the atmosphere and the decor of the atmospheric restaurant, this completes the evening, you imagine yourself to be a world traveler along the coastline of southern Europe!
A Mediterranean drink is of course part of this variety of dishes. La Vaca serves the real Scroppino, Mediterranean beers like San Miguel, Peroni and Super Bock, Italian coffee and many other tasty drinks from the sunny South. They also serve a rich selection of Mediterranean wines that perfectly match the surprising dishes of the Taverna. The best wine with every dish. Exactly as it should be.

Hasta manana!


lunch, dinner


French, Italian, Mediterranean





Phone 043 311 45 56

Koestraat 3, 6211 HR Maastricht, Nederland