Love is...

Vasteloavend, Valentine's Day and Les Tables Maastricht!

February... The month of Carnival and Valentine's Day and therefore a lot of togetherness and love. Our dear members have created magnificent menus for these two festive occasions. With Carnival we celebrate the love of life and with Valentine's we celebrate the love of each other. Read on to find out what we have thought up for you to celebrate love together.

Vasteloavend: always in our hearts

“ To quote Frans Theunisz: 'Roet, geel en greun is de kleur vaan Vasteloavend, roet, geel en greun is de kleur van Carnaval!’ Vasteloavend zit beij ös allemaal in ut hart en geit noets verloren. Wel goan veer elkoar natuurluk hiel erg missen mer ver zouwwen Les Tables neet zien es ver doar neet un magnifieke en heerlijke oplossing veur bedacht hubbe! " ~ Les Tables Maastricht

Your culinary friends at Les Tables have prepared the typical Carnival dishes for you so that you can celebrate Carnival at home with the Vasteloavendsprogamma of the Tempeleers and RTV Maastricht. From 'kawsjotel to (fancy) knien to hieringe', it's all in the carnival boxes of Restaurant Rozemarijn and café Sjiek in fancy collaboration with SOFA. The other tasty menus of Les Tables can be found here. So in the words of another Limburg great Rowwen Heze: "Bestil mer, bestil mer, bestil mer!"

We also look back at you to keep the carnival atmosphere going. In collaboration with the Tempeleers and Maastricht Marketing, we organized tasty Carnivalalogy master classes in 2019 and 2020 (you can read the cozy piece about our atmospheric evenings here).

14 February: oh, l' Amour!

Love is blind, old love doesn't rust, unhappy in the game is happy in love, but in the end love just goes through the stomach!

As hosts and hostesses, we believe that love should always be celebrated deliciously and we like to play the part of tasty matchmaker. Therefore, this year we have gone the extra mile to make sure that you can bring the romance into your home or have it delivered anonymously (hint, hint). Not an exciting date, but looking forward to a nice evening? Then just make it a cozy evening with your family or best friends. In these times, everyone can use some extra devotion or self-love with a festive touch.

So get those delicious wine and food combinations in the house and make it an intimate evening with your Valentine or family and friends.

The Les Tables members with special Valentine's menus:

Keep an eye on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and Les Tables website to check out how our members are going ALL OUT to create some heat for your moment (so to speak lol).

Mestreech is eine groete café

"Mestreech is eine groete kaffee" ~ Unknown Sjeng

The saying that every Maastricht person and everyone far beyond Maastricht knows. And we are proud of it!

According to Pieter Hein van Mulligen, chief economist of Statistics Netherlands, the hospitality industry is "not a cornerstone of the economy". The hospitality industry in Maastricht is one of the largest providers of employment in South Limburg and - even more important - the hospitality industry is the cornerstone of our Burgundian society! Without a Burgundian no Maastricht, but what is Maastricht without the cafes and terraces where the Burgundians can stay?

Unfortunately we have to miss you for a while, but as always we are positive in life and think that the celebration of occasions and good food does not have to stop. That's why we are selling the 'chic, fancy and tasty' Les Tables gift vouchers, with which you can support 22 members at once and still celebrate those great moments at home. With the gift voucher you can either order take away menus for the home, give a menu as a gift or look forward to when we reopen and thus #yourlocalssupport. We miss you, see you soon!

Below a snapshot from way before the corona measures!