Working at home: Do the walls come rushing in?

Are you done with your homemade sandwich? Or does the acaï bowl with homemade granola doesn't hit the spot any longer? Don't worry, we have the culinary 'lunchbox' for you that will get you going again.

The members of Les Tables are happy to provide a hospitable and culinary Maastricht. Especially during this pandemic. Because only together we will overcome the virus.

Despite the many advantages of working from home, many hard workers have difficulty sleeping, working, relaxing and eating in one place.

So let's tackle the Monday blues or the Tuesday dip together with a good cup of coffee (or a cheeky glass of wine) and a tasty lunch. So le's change up our routine and take a short refreshing city walk. We have such a beautiful city, getting some fresh air is always a good way to get a breather and rest treat your eyes.

For this reason, we've listed our members per district (and kitchen) for you so you can stretch your legs and break through the daily grind:

Inner City: Il Bacaro (Italian), au Mouton Blanc, Le Bon Vivant (French), ’t Kläöske (Regional), Restaurant Laus (Mediterranean), Rozemarijn (French).


Sphinxkwartier: Fitz Roy (International).


Jekerkwartier: Café Sjiek (Regional), Coffeelovers (Coffee house), Le Virage (French), Petit Bonheur (French), Taverna La Vaca (Mediterranean), Restaurant Mes Amis (French).


Wyck: Bouchon d’en Face (French), Céramique (Regional), Coffeelovers (Coffee house), Poshoorn (Regional), Sjiek Kookpunt (Italian), Restaurant “O” (Seafood).


Extraordinary locations

Close to the city, near nature:

Sint Pieter: Bijzonder (Regional)

City Park (old barracks) : Tapijn (Mediterranean)


Next to the river, outside of the busy centre

Heugem: SOFA (Mediterranean)


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