Route To Go/Takeaway.

During these difficult times, you can still visit our members for a delicious snack To Go or for a takeaway menu.

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To Go & 


in the centre of Maastricht


City Tour

The perfect city tour

When the real Maastricht people do a "tour of the city": the restaurants in the city centre are regularly visited by the Maastricht people. These are the restaurants where most locals eat and have a very cozy evening.


Hidden gems route.

Definitely worth the search

Restaurants outside the center are just as cozy as the restaurants in the city center. Here you will find the real gems of Maastricht with a beautiful restaurant and cuisine. In these restaurants you can enjoy the Maastricht atmosphere and burgundian mentality.


Route Wine & Dine.

'Sjiek Mestreech'

Chic dining in Maastricht can also be enjoyed by Les Tables members. Dine by candlelight while enjoying the culinary delights expertly prepared by the chef. Bring the perfectness on your plate to your stomach, that's wine & dine.


Famous Burgundians route.

Bourgundian Favorits

Burgundian favorites can of course not stay behind in Burgundian Maastricht. In these restaurants you can enjoy the burgundian lifestyle of the real Maastricht people with a delicious 'hepke and drenkske'.


Route: Nice to Meet


In these restaurants you can meet, with each other or with strangers! Meeting goes with sharing, so here you can share delicious dishes together. Enjoy the different flavors Maastricht has to offer with friends or family.


Route: Biological

Green happiness

Green happiness in Maastricht? We have that to offer as well. Of course there is also a place in Maastricht where vegetarians and vegans can enjoy delicious organic dishes.


Route: Comfort Cuisine


Fancy a good meal? This is also possible with the members of Les Tables! For a delicious pasta, lasagna or croquettes you can go to Les Tables.


Tasty local route

Tasty local

In addition to the Burgundian lifestyle, we, in Maastricht, can also enjoy all the delicacies that Limburg has to offer. And that's not just the asparagus.


Route: Dinner Date

Romantic Maastricht

Romance can also be found in Maastricht - and certainly in the restaurants of Les Tables. For a romantic evening out by candlelight and a delicious bottle of wine, you've come to the right place.